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Select Air Max

True Low Air Loss Technology

The Select Air Max is a true low air loss mattress replacement system that is an ideal solution for comfortable skin protection and pressure ulcer prevention. It can be used to help promote the healing of pressure ulcers and other skin related issues along with pain management, temperature and moisture control.

The Select Air Max helps to maintain patients skin temperature control and manage moisture, by reducing the build-up of heat and moisture beneath the patient. This is achieved as air escapes through tiny pin holes on the top of the mattress, and circulates under a moisture vapour permeable cover, to wick moisture away from patient.

Features such as Auto-Comfort, Firm mattress mode and upright patient mode help caregivers during positioning, dressing and transferring, whilst ensuring the patient receives optimal care.

Extremely comfortable due to the constant low pressure, the true low air loss therapy of the Select Air Max provides a cost-effective alternative for high risk patients that are unable to tolerate the alternation cycle of dynamic systems.

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True Low Air Loss technology The Select Air system quietly circulates air through 16 individual cells and allows air to escape from the mattress. This helps to maintain patients skin temperature control and manage moisture, by reducing the build-up of heat and moisture beneath the patient.
Wicking action Air escapes from 33 air openings, distributed equally across the top mattress surface, and circulates under a moisture vapour-permeable cover, to wick moisture away from the patient.
Upright patient mode Provides added support when the head of the bed is elevated ensuring patient can sit upright with no loss of therapeutic benefits whilst ensuring they do not bottom out.
Firm mode Helps facilitate nursing care during dressing changes and patient repositioning.
Auto-Comfort mode Takes the guess work out of programming. During set-up, mattress sets optimal pressure according to patient weight distribution.
Foot pillow Prevents unnecessary skin breakdown due to patient migration.
Pulsation mode Provides three cycle settings that continually readjust the system to ensure patient comfort.
System lock Prevents accidental adjustments and automatically resets the system in case of power failure.
Integrated size bolsters Provides a firm mattress edge to ensure patient stabilisation and fall prevention (NSQHS standard 10) during exits or transferring to a trolley/chair.
Soft, waterproof, vapour permeable Soft-Tex Plus cover Low friction surface eases patient repositioning and reduces shear and friction forces.
Audible and visual alarms A sophisticated set of audible and visual alarm functions provide enhanced patient safety and ensures peace of mind for nursing staff.
Risk Category Very High Risk
Therapeutic Safe Working Load 180kg
Mattress Dimensions 1900mm x 860mm x 150mm
Power Unit Dimensions 350mm x 180mm x 150mm
Product Weight Mattress: 14.5kg Power Unit: 4kg
Supply Voltage 230V AC 50/60 Hz