Specialist in Pressure Injury Prevention & Healing

Specialists in Pressure Injury Prevention & Healing

For over 25 years Pegasus Healthcare has been a leader in pressure injury prevention in Australia – helping to cost effectively reduce pressure injury prevalence rates and increase the comfort and safety of those most at risk.  

We hire and sell Australia’s largest range of clinically proven, European-made, pressure relieving devices - specialising in alternating pressure air mattresses from Rober Limited. Our range also includes the FoamTech range of static mattresses; Exit Sensors designed to work specifically with our mattress range, and both alternating and static pressure relieving cushions.

Pegasus operates a high priority delivery service supplying products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a service we feel is important in preventing pressure injuries that arise from unrelieved pressure as a result of prolonged patient immobility.

Our core products are supported by a portfolio of quality assured ancillary products and services such as:

  • Expert training and online education
  • Equipment management solutions
  • Service and maintenance programs
  • Pegasus Homecare range

Core Products

Specialty Care

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