Pegasus’s Web Authorisation (WebAuth) is a web based E-Commerce platform designed to assist public health networks meet their prudential and fiduciary requirements where a large number of business managers and cost centre owners are required to verify individual expenditures prior to payment.

WebAuth is fully integrated into Pegasus’s VRM OnLine platform and provides a simple to use system that automates purchase-to-pay authorisation workflows for all business managers, cost centre owners and financial controllers and other interested parties.

The workflows require the review and verification of expenditure for the previous month equipment rentals contemporaneously with the issuance cycle of the Pegasus Healthcare invoice to enable timely, accurate and efficient invoice processing and query resolution. Through the workflows the accuracy of current and historic rental transactions can be interrogated and validated at a granular level by business managers and cost centre owners and, if necessary, transactions can be queried with Pegasus prior to verification. Once all cost centres have been verified, an automated email is sent to the delegated financial controllers for verification and sign-off at a finance level. Once the financial controllers verification and approval has been granted, the verification process can be escalated through any number of interested parties before being sent to accounts payable, along with a copy of the consolidated invoice and cost centre breakdown ready for payment.

In addition WebAuth also automatically distributes a ‘Weekly Snapshot’ report to business managers showing a graphical overview of the cost centre’s past week’s rental activity with Pegasus. This enables business managers to continuously monitor and better manage the clinical appropriateness, duration and tracking of equipment hired. Importantly, by allowing business managers to easily review and audit equipment weekly, WebAuth prevents the unnecessary costs associated with incorrectly prescribed, under utilised and poorly tracked equipment.

To find out how Pegasus can help with your WebAuth requirements call us on (03) 9596 6377

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