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Pegasus Healthcare is an Australian owned company that has been supplying and servicing healthcare rental equipment since 1995. 

We are privately owned and managed, and operate out of our Head Office in Brighton East, Victoria.  We currently service the entire state of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. 

As a company our focus is excellence in patient care and customer service. We partner with our manufacturers and clients to establish solid working relationships to ensure the right outcome is achieved. We work to educate industry personnel in the most effective clinical and productive use of the product range.

Pegasus Healthcare is an NDIS registered provider of healthcare equipment for Hospitals, Residential Aged-Care Facilities, Home and Community Care. 

Longevity of our equipment is guaranteed through the ongoing preventative maintenance and emergency call out services of our maintenance and servicing teams.  All equipment is managed through our end-to-end, bespoke built IT system, designed for users to order and mange hire equipment: request a service or upgrade/downgrade exchange, transfer equipment between cost centres and/or patients, right through to seamless invoicing and monthly expense validation. 
Pegasus Healthcare’s mission is simple – to eliminate the development of pressure injuries in people who are considered ‘at risk’ and accelerate the healing of established pressure injuries. 

It is estimated that 80-95% of pressure injures are avoidable, so by offering a full range of the most technically advanced, clinically proven pressure reducing and pressure eliminating devices, we provide cost effective solutions to deliver a continuum of care to prevent and heal pressure injuries. 

Pressure injuries can cause immense pain and discomfort. They are costly to heal and can lead to prolonged hospital stays which consumes hospital resources.  At Pegasus Healthcare we strongly believe in prevention over healing.  But where healing is required, doing so with the best products in the market for a more rapid first stage of healing, down grading to preventative models when patient’s wounds are ready. 

By partnering with Rober Limited, who develop and manufacture ‘zero pressure’ mattresses, which use automatically controlled changes in airflow through their cell construction to vary and eliminate localised pressure, we know our products are the best in their field. 

The dynamic supports are designed with input from medical professionals to minimise the risk of pressure injuries in people with restricted movement. They also reduce the need for manual repositioning, reducing the burden on nursing and carer support.   Rober’s mattress systems and cushions mimic the body’s natural movements. They provide comfort for the patient and help to avoid pressure injuries. They can also be used to promote healing of existing pressure injuries.  

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