Air Active Princess Chair - Classic (150kg)

The Alliana Air Active princess chair is a specialised pressure relief and positioning support for elderly and special needs users.  10cm diameter air cells run the entire length of the chair from head to heel and operate on a 2 cell, 10 min cycle to off load pressure.

The chair is completely adjustable for patient positioning, with ergonomic controls for caregiver.  Easy bluetooth connection for remote control and monitoring with a free downloadable App.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Active Air Cell System with IPS (Intelligent Pressure Sensing) Technology
  • Customisable comfort settings – digitally adjust internal air cell pressure for patient comfort
  • Battery back up – up to 8 hours battery backup, for use in patient transportation or in the event of power failure
  • Whole body therapy – even in sitting position
  • Adjustable therapy modes – offers dynamic and static therapy, with multiple cycle times
  • Special 4-way stretch material covers user area and provides additional pressure relief and mitigates skin tear risks
  • No-gap seating surface
  • Water resistant to prevent liquid ingress, fire retardant
  • Easy to remove covers for cleaning and replacement
  • Completely adjustable for patient positioning, with ergonomic controls for caregiver, including recline, tilt in space, leg rest adjustment
  • Head rest is height adjustable and removeable
  • Multi-position fold away arm rests, wings and footrest pads provide ease of access and transfer
  • Individual locking castors with single rear directional lock castor
  • Includes headrest and foot pads


Overall height: 1300mm
Overall width: 710mm
Overall depth: 1250mm
Seat level height: 700mm
Seat width: 510mm
Seat depth: 560mm
Seat back adjustment angle: 97-136 °Seat
tilt adjustment angle: 0-17 °
Leg rest adjustment angle: 0-90 °

Order code: AAC

Upper Weight Limit : 150kg

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