FoamTech Roho Hybrid Mattress

The FoamTech Roho mattress provides the support of our high quality FoamTech 300 Advance foam surround with the ability to integrate 1,2 or 3 Roho cushion sections to provide a hybrid solution as an alternative to alternating pressure air mattresses.

Uniquely designed and modified to provide easy access to ROHO values, this integrated system is especially good for the aged care sector.  The dry flotation mattress solution allows the user to sit or lie comfortably.   The flexible air cells offer protection against pressure wounds and relief for users at risk or with early stages of a pressure injury.


  • Provides effective relief from friction and shear
  • Adjustable air pressure to suit the patient's needs
  • Replacement foam segments can be purchased to re-create a high grade FoamTech mattress
  • Roho segments can be conformed to meet patient needs (bespoke orders will have a delivery lead time)

Available in:

  • Single Segment
  • Double Segment
  • Triple Segment
  • Standard mattress size - Single 1980mm x 880mm x 150mm

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