Proxi-Mate Pager Exit Sensor

A leading edge electronic monitoring system, Proxi-Mate is a fully configurable wireless system that communicates directly with its own pager.  The Proxi-Mate sensors detect tiny changes in the electrical field around the patient, making them more reliable and perfect for use with an alternating pressure air mattress. Fully welded seams provide greater sanitation capability, allowing these sensor pads to be safely used with multiple patients by following appropriate cleaning protocols.

The Proxi-Mate is simple to use, unobtrusive and won’t interfere with nursing or other care. It is also almost undetectable by the person being monitored. In addition, all Proxi-Mate units collect time and date stamped data in its ‘on board’ memory. An abridged version of this data is available directly on the unit itself – so it is simple to check if the unit was switched on or off, in alarm mode or had a flat battery at a particular time.

Proxi-Mate products are proudly made in Australia.

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