Coziny 100

Alternating Pressure Incubator Mattress

The Coziny 100 (incubator mattress) is an alternating, powered, pressure relief air mattress system used for prevention and treatment of pressure injuries in small babies who are at high to very high risk of developing pressure injuries. A removable vapour permeable, waterproof clinical top cover comes standard. The power unit features Intelligent Pressure Sensing (IPS) technology.

Coziny 100 mattresses are made entirely with Extra Soft 100% TPU material to ensure baby's comfort and safety, protecting baby from sharp edges and protruding objects.

Key Features:

  1. Extra soft 100% TPU material - Ensuring patients safety from sharp or protruding objects while providing optimal comfort.
  2. Special temperature distributing air channels - Allowing the heat from incubator to evenly keeping the baby warm throughout.
  3. Hidden zipper - With protection pad for baby's safety and better comfort.
  4. Alarm Mute and Battery Level LED light
  5. Digital LED Screen with panel lock
  6. Modular air cell construction with Quick Connect Coupling

Size Available: Dimensions (inflated)

    • Coziny 100 - 650mm x 360mm x 30mm - 3.5kg patient weight
    • Coziny 200 - 750mm x 500mm x 70mm - 10kg patient weight
    • Coziny 300 - 1400mm x 700mm  x 80mm - 25kg patient weight

All Coziny mattresses are encased in welded, waterproof fabric for ease of cleaning which prevent bottoming out in the event of power failure.

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