Airstream THP (Total Heel Protection)

2 Cell-Cycle Alternating Pressure Mattress Replacement System With Total Heel Protection (THP)

Airstream THP is a new generation, 2 cell-cycle alternating mattress that retains all the features of Airstream 2 but with an independent heel zone that provides pressure elimination therapy using Airwave Technology*. The separate, independently managed heel zone actually provides the complete elimination of interface pressures for about 40% of the 10 minute cycle by vacuum assisted deflation of the foot end air-cells. Airstream THP has been specifically designed to prevent pressure injuries on the heels and to accelerate the healing of existing pressure injuries in the lower limbs.

Airstream THP uses high speed solenoid technology to provide the rapid changes in airflow required to stimulate reactive hyperaemia in deep tissues surrounding bony prominences such as the sacrum and heels. All features of Airstream 2 are retained in managing the mattress zone while complete extraction of air by vacuum assisted deflation from alternate cells of the heel zone provides complete pressure relief for the very vulnerable tissue of the heels. The independent heel zone does not require the limb to be elevated and helps overcomes issues that can occur when the heels are left unsupported and weight is concentrated on the Achilles tendon.

A permanently inflated base layer of longitudinally placed, conjoined air-cells contains a large volume of air at low pressure which enhances patient comfort and makes 'bottoming out' impossible even with a patient sitting up in bed. Two extra-large air-cells along each side of the base layer provide a firm and stable edge to the mattress and protect patients from falls as they transfer out of bed to trolley or chair.

Key Features:

  • Automatic adjustment to patient weight and body position ensures the patient receives optimum pressure area care at all times
  • Vacuum assisted deflation of the heel zone cells provides ‘zero pressure’ beneath the heels for 40% of the 10 minute cycle
  • Profiling and knee-break feature allows patient to comfortably recline or sit up without compromising pressure care
  • Permanently inflated side formers increase patient safety for bed exits or transfers to chair or trolley
  • Quiet power unit with intuitive display panel showing system status
  • Mattress remains inflated for at least 48 hours in the event of mains power failure
  • Dual pressure settings improve comfort for frail patients without compromising pressure relief

Available Sizes:

  • Single - 1900mm x 820mm x 230mm

* Use of the ‘Airwave System’ to Prevent Pressure Sores in Hospital Prof. A N Exton-Smith, Lancet, 1982, 1288-1290

Mattress sizes1900 x 820 x 230 mm (standard)
Max. patient weight220 kg
Pump unit dimensions400 x 160 x 250 mm
Mattress weight6.8 kg
Pump weight4.0 kg
echnical Specification
Number of cells18-20 (18 cells in standard model)
Mattress materialCells: Polyurethane
Cover: Two-way stretch Polyurethane coated Nylon
ClassificationClass B Medical Device / Class II
Mattress – flammability ratingComplies with BS7175 ignition source 0, 1 and 5
Power unit – flammability rating / ingress protectionUL 94 V-0 / IP 42
Power supply / power consumption:230 V~ ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz 20 W max

NoDec Airstream 2 THP PDF

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