Pegasus Cairwave

The original and most clinically proven alternating pressure mattress on the market, the Cairwave is considered the 'Gold Standard' in therapeutic support surfaces in that it replicates the body’s normal physiological mechanism that protects bony prominences from  tissue damage due to unrelieved pressure.
The unique 3 cell cycle of 7.5 minutes eliminates pressure completely every 2.5 minutes.  This process has been designed to replicate the body’s natural spontaneous movement, therefore enhancing comfort.  Active pressure elimination enhances the zero pressure phase therefore maximising pressure relief to the very high risk areas such as sacrum, trochanter and heels.

The 3-cell cycle, pressure elimination technology of the Cairwave Therapy System provides the ultimate protection for the most vulnerable individuals and offers accelerated healing of all grades of pressure ulcers, irrespective of patient mobility.

Key Use:

The Cairwave is considered the product of choice in ICU’s, HDU’s, burns and spinal areas throughout Australia due to its clinically proven ability to provide pressure ulcer relief and therapy in critically ill patients and has proven healing rates in even the most difficult to heal pressure ulcers.


  • Advanced features of the Cairwave such as a double layer of ultrasonically welded cells which synchronously inflate and deflate and active vacuum assisted cell deflation combine to provide frequent periods of complete pressure elimination which stimulates reactive hyperaemia and promotes blood flow thereby maximising pressure relief to the high risk areas such as the sacrum, trochanter and heels.
  • Static mode provides firm surface for nursing procedures, whilst side formers ease patient to chair transfer and help reduce the risk of back injuries to carers
  • Audible and visual alarms give carers peace of mind
  • CPR - rapid deflation in under 10 seconds
  • Head Zoner Selector provides a variety of options to assist nursing procedures, including prone nursing

The CAIRWAVE™Therapy System enhances healing for all grades of pressure ulcer and is recognised as the ultimate choice for maintaining and restoring tissue viability in the highest risk, even immobile, patients. CAIRWAVE is designed to replicate the body’s natural spontaneous movement and is clinically demonstrated to provide complete pressure elimination at regular intervals.

Pressure Elimination TechnologyStimulates reactive hyperaemia and promotes blood and lymph flow in deep tissue.
Vacuum assisted deflationEnhances the pressure elimination phase to aid the treatment of even the most severe pressure ulcers.
3-cell 7 ½ minute cycleEliminates pressure completely every 2½ minutes. This process has been designed to replicate the body’s natural spontaneous movement, therefore enhancing comfort and pressure relief.
Twin layer of alternating cellsSynchronously inflate and deflate cells to provide superior pressure care performance.
Powerful linear piston compressorsProvide optimum performance of cell alternation even against back pressure of patient’s weight.
Ultrasonically welded cell structureAll cells in each layer are ultrasonically welded together to eliminate air cell encroachment and allow each deflating cell to efficiently retract away from body contact.
Easily accessible Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)Intuitive, always visible and accessible CPR release valve provides rapid deflation in approx. 10 seconds.
Integral side formersPermanently inflated side formers provide a firm mattress edge to ensure patient stabilisation and fall prevention (NSQHS standard 10) during exits or transferring to a trolley/chair.
Static head cellsTop 3 cells in the head zone of the mattress remain inflated (static), providing patient comfort, support and stability.
Auto-adjustmentAutomatically adjusts pressure settings in response to patient weight and position to optimise pressure relief and ensure that staff are not burdened with difficult product set-up.
Auto timed Static modeProvides a firm and stable surface for essential nursing procedures such as physiotherapy and wound cleaning. A safety automatic return to Dynamic mode after 30 minutes ensures that patients are not put at risk of pressure damage.
24-hour Transport modeEasy to operate one way valve lets mattress remain inflated for at least 24 hours and also facilitates patient/bed movement without unnecessary risk to patient.
Audible and visual alarmsA sophisticated set of audible and visual alarm functions provide enhanced patient safety and ensures peace of mind for nursing staff.
Dartex cover with welded seamsSoft, easy to clean, waterproof Dartex cover provides a complete barrier against viruses and blood, minimising infection control risks.
Unique anti-hammocking coverUnique pre-tensioned design ensures that the cover conforms tightly to the cell shape thereby eliminating hammocking across the deflated cell and optimising the zero pressure phase of the cycle.
Risk CategoryHigh to Very High Risk
Cell DesignIntegrated cell structure
Therapeutic Safe Working Load254kg
Warranty2 years
Mattress Dimensions1930mm x 880mm x 210mm (standard size)
Power Unit Dimensions175mm x 510mm x 260mm
Product WeightMattress: 9.5kg Power Unit: 8.65kg
Cycle Time7.5 Minutes (1-in-3 cell cycle)
Supply Voltage230V, 50 Hz
Power RatingMax – 100 Watts
Compressor Rating24 litres/minute at 0.01 MPa
Electrical SafetyClass I, Type B
Noise Levelless than 30dB
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