NoDec Wizard

Clinically Proven Pressure Elimination Therapy

NoDec® WIZARD is a unique 3 cell-cycle ‘zero pressure’ dynamic support surface that provides both pressure injury prevention and reduces the risk of infective chest complications in completely immobile patients. The mattress design of NoDec® WIZARD is based upon unique V-shaped air-cells which provide complete pressure elimination.

The NoDec® WIZARD offers three different ‘therapy methods’ in one system - a 3 cell-cycle alternating zero pressure air-mattress, a lateral rotation mattress and a combined 3 cell-cycle alternating zero pressure cycle air mattress with lateral rotation functions.

The tilt function provides lateral rotation therapy on either a continuous or a programmed 6 hour basis. The slow and controlled tilt transfers body support laterally changing contact points, as well as assisting with pulmonary functions and reducing manual handling. The mattress also uses solenoid valves to increase airflow efficiency in and out of the air-cells, whilst vacuum assisted deflation quickly reduces interface pressure over the off-loaded tissue to create a reactive hyperaemic response in the deep tissues surrounding the bony prominences.

The NoDec® WIZARD mattress has 20 arrow shaped air-cells placed transversely with two reinforced, permanently inflated cells running lengthwise at the edges to protect against patient falls and assist when transferring from bed. Selecting a lateral rotation program gently inclines the patient left or right and the permanently inflated cells act as protective bolsters keeping the patient away from the mattress edges.

Designed to replicate the body’s natural spontaneous movement the Wizard is clinically demonstrated to provide complete pressure elimination at regular intervals, thus ensuring that it is perfect for the prevention and accelerated healing of all grades of pressure injuries irrespective of mobility.

Available Sizes:

  • Single – 1900mm x 900mm x 250mm / Max Patient Weight 250kg
NoDec Wizard
Clinically Proven Therapy

V-shaped air-cells are retained in place beneath the body so that contact pressure is removed from exactly the same site that it had been applied

Continuous lateral rotation therapy is provided by deflating the outside portion of the base segment of the V-shaped cells
Touch screen display enables selection of lateral rotation frequency
3 cell-cycle system with 50% more support cells makes it easier for deflating cells to retract away from body contact and achieve zero interface pressure
Vacuum assisted air-cell deflation ensures complete evacuation of air from deflating cells
Product CodeNW
Risk CategoryVery High Risk
Cell DesignIntegrated cell structure. Mattress material Cells: Polyurethane
Therapeutic Safe Working Load250kg
Warranty2 years
Mattress DimensionsStandard width: 1900mm x 880mm x 230mm (L x W x H)
Narrow width: 1900mm x 800mm x 230mm (L x W x H))
Pump Dimensions400 x 160 x 250 mm (L x W x H)
Product WeightMattress: 11kg Power Unit: 6.8kg
Cycle Time7.5 minutes (1-in-3 cell cycle)
Cycle ControlMicroprocessor controlling solenoid valves
Power supply / power consumption230 V~ ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz 20 W max
Power RatingMax – 100 Watts
Electrical SafetyClass II, Type B
ComplianceMattress - flammability rating Complies with BS7175 ignition source 0, 1 and 5


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