Daycarer Complete

The Pegasus DayCarer Cushion system is a pressure relieving alternating cushion that runs on the existing power units of the Pegasus Viaclin, Bi-Wave and Trinova alternating pressure mattresses.  The DayCarer automatically adjusts to the patient’s weight, recommended up to 127 kg, and is manufactured with a soft, multi-stretch Dartex cover that is vapour permeable but impervious to body fluids.

Daycarer is easy to install and will fit into hospital day chairs.  When used in conjunction with the appropriate Pegasus mattress system, it provides 24-hour dynamic pressure relief for vulnerable patients.

In instances where the patient requiring an alternating cushion surface does not have a separate mattress system, a cushion with an independent power unit can also be supplied.

Technical Specifications

Weight – 2.2 kg, power unit 2.7-3.5 kg

Operation -  Mains 240v AC


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