Orbit Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

The lightweight Orbit 1330 wheelchair is a fold away, easy to use wheelcahir with may features required for day to day use.  At 13kg, including the wheels, this wheelchair is light in weight making it extremely portable and are easy to manoeuvre and/or put into the boot.  The attendant brakes make slowing and stopping of the wheelchair easy.

The Orbit is very easy to fold away when it comes to transport or for storage. The back rest folds down to reduce the space needed. The solid rear wheels are removable using the quick release button. The arm rests flip up and are detachable to facilitate transfers with ease. The foot rests swing in / out and are detachable plus they have depth adjustable foot plates.

With easily removable over seat and backrest pad, the wheelchair is easy to keep clean.

The Orbit range of wheel chairs are made in the UK by Roma Medical. They represents great value for money and have all of the features needed on an a wheelchair that is to be used every day.


  1. Lightweight aluminium construction
  2. Attendant brakes with locking handles
  3. Washable over-seat and backrest pad
  4. Flip up, detachable armrests
  5. Swing in/out detachable footrests with depth adjustable footplates

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