RoHo Quadtro Select

The Roho Quadtro Select is the most clinically advanced cushion in the ROHO range.  It is a high quality wheelchair seat cushion that provides pressure relieve and redistribution for prevention of pressure injuries.  It is an adjustable, air-filled, cellular-design wheelchair support surface that uses DRY FLOATATION ® Technology.  The cushion is intended to conform to an individual’s seated shape to provide skin/soft tissue protection, positioning and an environment to facilitate wound healing.

The QUADTRO SELECT® cushion features four independent compartments of air cells, each controlled by our exclusive ISOFLO® Memory Control located at the front.   With the ISOFLO Memory Control and independent four-compartment design, inflation levels across the cushion can be controlled using the valve,  making it easy to ensure correct positioning of the user.  The interconnected air cells envelop the body, delivering maximum immersion and positioning, while protecting skin and soft tissue from breaking down.

Key benefits:

  • Positions left and right, front and back
  • Stabilises and holds the position of pelvis and thighs
  • Delivers skin and tissue protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Available in 2 cell heights: HIGH PROFILE® (4.25”) / LOW PROFILE®(2.25”)


Max user weight: Unlimited.  Although there is no weight limit, the cushion must be properly sized to suit the individual.

Dimension: 18" x 18"


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