Shower Stool

This Vitility shower stool comes as a flat-packed option for easy delivery and installation - the stool can be assembled without tools so you don't have to be handy to assemble it.

This stool is a practical accessory and provides a safe stool for either the shower or bath. The height adjustable legs take the height of the seat from 39cm to 54cm.

The bath/shower stool is made of materials that are sturdy and rust-free. The materials are also lightweight, making the stool easy to move.

The stool has a non-slip top with a drainage system. Because the seat has a structure, the seat does not become slippery when it gets wet. The water can easily drain through the hole in the stool, so that no water remains on the stool. The non-slip top and the drainage system provide more comfort and safety.   The legs  come with anti-slip caps to prevent unwanted shifting.

The maximum load capacity is 150 kg

Product Code: 70110750
Pegasus Code: SSV

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