Proxi-Mate Nurse Call Exit Sensor

The Proxi-Mate Nurse Call exit sensor is a falls prevention tool that can be plugged into most Nurse Call systems.  The Proxi-Mate sensors detect tiny changes in the electrical field around the patient or resident, making them more reliable and perfect to use with alternating pressure air mattresses for pressure care needs.

The Proxi-Mate Nurse Call system is a tough, die cast aluminium interface unit using a simple 'built in' configuration tools to allow the system to connect to almost any installed nurse call system commonly in use today.  The units are ideal for the Nursing Home environment where simplicity can make the difference.

The Proxi-Mate Nurse Call unit supplements your existing nurse call pendant. The sensor activates the system just as if the resident had pressed the call bell themselves.

Please note: where complex systems are installed a range of adaptors are available

Other Features:

  • Can Operate Overhead Light (if fitted)
  • Audible Alarm (can be silenced)
  • 24hr ‘on board’ battery backup, fully automatic charging
  • Configurable delay and repeat alarm times – special call patterns by request (to distinguish between sensor and pendant alarms)
  • 3000 ‘event log’ records date, time and nature of each event (access to last 100 events on front screen – remainder requires adaptor – available end 2012)
  • Simple to operate

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